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Losing weight with hypnosis

We help you to lose weight

Those who are satisfied with themselves and their bodies make it easier to live a positive and healthy life. Aspects such as a balanced diet and a strong immune system play an important role. Especially diet changes are often difficult in the beginning and only successful if they are imple-mented in the long term. Those who eat healthier, feel better and more efficient. This strengthens the immune system. Another positive effect is that you learn to listen to your body again and to pay more attention to your body. This also prevents emotional eating such as frustration, boredom or loneliness. In order to achieve these positive effects, unprocessed things are detected in the sub-consciousmind. Only when the causes are resolved, the change in eating behavior can begin. In doing so, I can help you to snack less, in other words to avoid snacks, or not to take too large por-tions. You will learn to distinguish between eating with pleasure and eating with hunger, to reach your feel-good weight, to drink more water and to encourage and support your body.

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