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With the help of my network of specialists, naturopaths, physicians and other selected partners for aftercare, my clients are in very good hands.

The right direction. With the help of balaniz

Negative impressions from the outside can lead to fears. You feel helpless and go into isolation, eat unhealthy and have no motivation. With the help of medication, drugs, alcohol or nicotine you try to escape, which only makes it worse. With the balaniz programme we will bring your system back into the right direction. Lasting and effective.

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Fit. Healthy. Happy.

balaniz is all about happiness and health in all seven areas of life.
Step by step we lay the path to holistic balance.
Let’s begin in the middle and start the day energetic.


Activate and stimulate your circulation. The bowel is activated by the heart and lungs, which form the center for metabolism.


With nutritious food you start the day well. Enriched with oxygen, vitamins and happy hormones, the blood flows through the body - and that's how you will feel.


With a positive aura, you will approach your peers more energetic, more balanced, more harmoni-ous which will make you more attractive to others


Through out social contacts you have a variety of spare time activities. This will distributes more happiness hormones and reduces the level of stress hormones.


Happy and well-balanced people think in a more positive, constructive and goal-oriented way.


The last point will also reflects on your work. A lot of things flow easier and you are more likely to find a solution in situations where other people would probably lose their cool.


If you’re fearless you’re able to reach new goals, because you’re in a good spirit and don't hesi-tate.

Your balaniz

Balaniz for private individuals

Fit. Healthy. Happy. Through hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a wonderful aid to support people by losing unwanted habits and thoughts, to which we have no direct access. In hypnosis, in a state of trance, the subconscious mind receives sug-gestions that will help changing. This is a natural relaxed state for body and spirit.

Tip: Some subjects require follow up appointments.

Benefit from the reductions of the balaniz-Card

Balaniz for companies

Whether as a coach or speaker in your company - balaniz is on the spot.

More companies are also becoming interested in the balaniz programme as well. Start your cam-paign out with the message: Fit. Healthy. Happy. With the help of the coach and speaker Benja-min Zech you can make your team more efficient and move your company forward.

Easy to play - balaniz for kids

Kids are living balaniz - naturally.

In order to keep the kids growing up with this lifestyle, kindergar-tens or schools can book Benjamin Zech. The balaniz concept is conveyed in kindergartens and schools in a playful way.

Opinions of our customers

Through the music Benjamin showed the concept to the children in a easy About the music Benjamin was able to taught the children the balaniz concept in an easily and viv-idly way. With the book My Rainbow Path, the contents are sung, the children learn effortlessly what is important in life.
St. Michael primary school

All children get a nice surprise!

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