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Frequently asked questions about hypnosis

Is everyone hypnotizable?

Yes, every average intelligent person is hypnotizable! You have to know that the trance state is something completely natural. It is like an energy-saving mode of consciousness, where you are being highly suggestible. In this state the subconscious absorbs the information almost unfiltered like a sponge.

As different as each of us is, some may have the feeling of having slept afterwards, while others exactly know what happened.

Can everyone become a hypnotist?

There are a few conditions you should fulfill. A good hypnotist is very empathetic and possesses a high level of creativity that offers clients a personalized suggestion based on their goals. As in al-most all occupations, competence is reflected in experience.

I do not believe in it!

A positive intention is a prerequisite for a successful hypnosis. The smoker comes because he hopes to stop. Someone wants to lose weight or think more positively. The willingness to act is giv-en. Even at a show hypnosis, the positive intention is to stand on stage and get applause.

However, to talk a smoking smoker out of smoking with hypnosis that does not even consider stopping, is at possible at 5%. But we do not do that. For those who want serious support, we have a success rate of 80%. It is always important to have an individual preliminary talk, which happens on the conscious level. In doing so, the neces-sary information for the later destination is obtained. To initiate the subsequent trance it is not the responsibility of the conscious willpower, so it is brought by appropriate suggestions to the sub-conscious mind.

Normally the client is lying on a comfortable couch, accompanied by relaxing music. In trance, communication takes place on the emotional level. Feelings alone slow or force us, hypnosis is such a wonderful support to achieve goals!

Clients cried in hypnosis because they were so happy to be rid of the cigarette now. Or they laughed because they looked slim and felt so good in their new outfit. One thing hypnoses have in common, they leave a pleasant and relaxed feeling.

Is it possible to manipulate someone with hypnosis?

Almost everything in our environment manipulates us. The advertising, the television, the family, or the friends who may have instigated smoking in the past. Trance therapy is about getting rid of behaviors or ways of thinking that have become increasingly dissatisfied with life.

Dr. Jan Martin Elbing:

Clinical hypnosis is a scientifically developed relaxation procedure and is therefore used purpose-fully in our practice.

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Thats what our customers say


I’ve tried a lot to quit smoking, but nothing really helped - until Benjamin supported me with the hypnosis. Since 2016 I’m a happy non-smoker and I can really recommend him.
Marlis is non-smoker for two years now


With balaniz I made a huge leap in the direction of motivation and self-confidence. I’m more aware of my food and fitness. In short: I’m feeling great.
Hannelore is feeling better with the help of balaniz.


At the time I visited Benjamin, my life was chaotic and I always feared failure. Today I have better self-confidence, I have a great job, friends who alwazs stand by me and a new love.
Thorsten found new strength through balaniz.

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