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The balaniz-Card. Just more.

Sometimes some subjects can not successfully solved in just one appointment. My clients all re-ceive the balaniz card for free, which gives them a 33% discount on two follow-up appointments in the balaniz practice for hypnosis and mental training.

My clients are looking for successful ways to realize their skills which they acquired in my mental training or hypnosis coaching. They want to put the energy and motivation they have gained into action. You can do that anytime with the balaniz card. Doing something good for your body and spirit

(The balaniz card is not negotiable and is only available in connection with a one-on-one session or a balaniz seminar.)


One card. Many opportunities.

Soon in your city too

More and more companies support the balaniz concept and offer our clients - who have our card - special perks and prices to follow the balaniz program.



33% reduction for two follow-up appointments in the balaniz practice for hypnosis.


20% off regular rates & 10% on package prices.


Let´s dance! 2 persons can dance for the price of one.
Prime Club

Prime Club

Membership € 39.95 instead of € 59.95; no service fee; includes marea fitness, Linus & Delfinoh.
Marea Fitness

Marea Fitness

Sauna, fitness, courses & much more. The marea Fitness invites you to feel good!


The delfinoh in- and outdoor pool offers many opportunities for sports, fun and relaxation in every season.
Linus Lingen

Linus Lingen

With a large waterarea and many attractions in the fun and outdoor pools we guarantee a lot of fun. Our large saunaworld invites you to relax.
Täglich Meppen

Täglich Meppen

20% on Salate.

Is your company already connected to balaniz?

At the Balaniz recommendation platform companies, that fit this concept, can introduce themselves free of charge. Our customers benefit from discounts through the Balaniz card.

Your company offers products or services that fit our concept? You can benefit from our extensive network and reach new private and corporate customers.

Present your deals to us. After an appropriate check and exclusive advantage only available for balaniz Card users, you get the permission to present your companies and offers on our platform.

The balaniz Card users want optimal support in the following areas:

  • Supply & Protection
  • Culture & Education
  • Clubs & Bars
  • Sports & Exercise
  • Nutrition & Health
  • Hobby & Free time
  • Finance & Promotion

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What does this cost?

First appointment (double session with preliminary and treatment): €170 oder
First appointment (double session with preliminary and treatment) incl. 2 follow-up appointments and free kostenloser balaniz-Card with benefits: €290